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"One Eye" is a traveling thief within the Seven Deserts.


True to his nickname, he is a one-eyed thief, whose right eye is perpetually closed presumably due to losing it under unknown circumstances. He appears to be quite aged and frail-looking, but is quite agile for his age and usually wields either a scimitar or a wooden club as a weapon.


Do the Rat Thing[]

One Eye is first seen operating in Agrabah's Thieves Quarters trying to steal a cup, however his attempt is thwarted by a fellow thief who steals his stolen cup.

Eye of the Beholder[]

When Aladdin, Jasmine and their friends are traveling across the deserts searching for the Tree of Renewal in order to cure Jasmine of her Naga curse, they are confronted by a band of three thieves, with One Eye now in their ranks. Theses thieves control a deadly Gypuuk which they used to constrict Aladdin and the rest in order to surrender their valuables, however Jasmine (using her new monstrous form) is able to intimidate the thieves and force them to call off their gypuuk and flee.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves[]

Although it's unknown whether or not this is the same character, a member of the infamous Forty Thieves led by Cassim resembles One Eye, only his clothes are different colors.