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Orb of Machana
Vital statistics
Type Magical Object
Effects Cures Genies’ magical cold
Cost to buy None
Cost to sell None

The Orb of Machana is the magical orb guarded by Machana. Also known as the Orb of Makana.

Aladdin (TV series)[]

Sneeze the Day[]

When Genie got a cold, Iago mistakenly revealed about the orb (while trying to pretend that he made it up by singing a song) and explain that back when he was with Jafar, they heard about the Orb from a village and revealed it to be guarded by Machana himself but also explain that no one has ever got close to get one as they must venture in the caves of Machana and past three trials, which resulted in Aladdin, Iago and Carpet traveling to the island of Machana and entering the caves.

After passing all the trials, Machana (who was in three giant disguises) appeared and handed them the Orb, which Aladdin took and headed back to give it to Genie. Unbeknownst to the others, Machana revealed that he has millions of the orbs and been waiting to get rid of them


The Orb is shown to be a pink orb.

Powers and Abilities[]

According to Iago, The Orb of Machana can cure any genie's sickness within seconds upon being eaten by said Genie.