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Othello is Iago's twin brother, who unlike Iago, is still living a criminal life.



Othello and Iago came from the same nest, but at an unknown point Iago and Othello went their separate ways and Iago was caught and put up for sale in the Agrabah Marketplace. Despite this, Iago was able to keep in touch with his brother.

Aladdin: The Series[]

Iago briefly recalls his brother to Aladdin and the others and remarks how he is still living a criminal life.

Other Appearances[]


In this alternate retelling of Disney films set in the future, Iago fathers a son of his own and names him after his brother Othello.


  • His name comes from the play by William Shakespeare and its protagonist where the character Iago served as the main villain and for whom Iago was named after, but unlike in the play, Iago turned over a new leaf while Othello is a criminal.