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Philosopher's Stone
Vital statistics
Type Magical Object
Effects To release Khartoum from his imprisonment in his own book.
Source God-like powers,
Cost to buy None
Cost to sell None

Philosopher's Stone is a magical gem which contained the god-like energy and abilities of the cosmos itself. It appeared in The Book of Khartoum.


Aladdin: The Series[]

The Book of Khartoum[]

How to make the Philosopher's Stone[]

  • First you must build a furnace to heat a small quantity of sands, crystals, and flakes of gold.
  • There is one element that is absolutely essential: a cosmic power source strong enough to heat the furnace.

Powers and Abilities[]

It gives Khartoum more power to come alive.


  • In the real world, the Philosopher's Stone was believed in alchemy to be a powerful object, capable of turning common metal into gold, and creating the Elixir of Life.