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Quirkistan is an enchanted kingdom within the Seven Deserts ruled over by King Mamood, the child monarch whose heart is linked to the state of the land.


Royal Enchantment[]

Quirkistan Unhappy

Quirkistan becomes a barren desert when its king is unhappy.

At some point in the distant past, the rulers of Quirkistan were imbued with the power to affect the land itself through their emotions, effectively making the ruler and their land a truly single entity. As the current king of Quirkistan is but a child, King Mamood was inexperienced and spoiled, and as such his mindset was not mature enough to understand the full scale of the damage he could cause by keeping his powerful emotions under control, and he was always quick to outbursts. As such, his emotions and state of mind would dictate the state of the land, for if the king is happy and content, Quirkistan becomes a green and verdant realm filled with lush trees, grassy fields and bountiful crops. But when the king is angry, bored or unhappy, the land becomes racked by storms or drought, becoming an uninhabitable desert where no food can grow. And when the king is sad or deeply moved, the land becomes drenched in rain. But the most dangerous weather phenomenon is when the king becomes vengeful and violent, which will cause eruptions, earthquakes and lightning to befall the land in an almost apocalyptic event. However since being reformed and taught joys of being selfless by Aladdin and Jasmine of Agrabah, King Mamood has mellowed significantly and is now always in a positive mood for the sake of keeping his people happy.

Places of Interest[]

  • King Mamood's Palace
  • Haroun's Farm

Known Inhabitants[]


Bad Mood Rising[]

The Citadel[]

Quirkistan was one of the many kingdoms that Mozenrath sought to conquer in his quest to dominate the Seven Deserts. Being his first choice before eventually deciding on Agrabah instead. On Mozenrath's map, Quirkistan is depicted as a more lavish city on a mountain top and surrounded by clouds.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves[]


  • Quirkistan seems to be closer to Sahel than the rest of the Seven Deserts or was founded by African settlers, as its people, culture and homes have a stronger African influence than any of the other parts of the Seven Deserts.