The Rat People were a race of humanoid rodents.


They are humanoid rats with the males being larger in size than the females. The males wear pants while women tend to wear dresses. They all have darker patches of fur around their eyes and light skinned underbellies. They come in different shapes and sizes.


The rat people are warriors who hunt, but as the Shaman has stated, they only hunt for food and not for riches. Despite what has been said about them, they are very kind and intelligent, being able to understand human speech despite not being able to speak intelligibly. The rat people often require a leader to lead them, which they initially looked for in the shaman but with confidence boost from Aladdin and Genie decided to overthrow him and decides to follow Merc, who was a true leader.


They killed the sand shark and ate it while giving the riches to the Shaman. They then followed Aladdin and Genie and Abu and told Shaman about the Genie. Interested in harvesting the Genie's powers for themselves, he decides to have them capture Genie. They succeed and while watching over Genie, they grow fond of him and vice versa. Shaman explains that the rat people are stupid and that they needed a leader which is why they follow him, but he shows how little he cares for them. Genie argues they are intelligent but he just doesn't understand or care for them. Later, Genie convinces them to overthrow Shaman and find a new leader, which they do. Genie later convinces them to take Merc as their new leader and they ride off for a hunt to feed the children.


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