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Disney's ReadingQuest with Aladdin is a 1998 computer game featuring the characters from Aladdin. The game features the characters from the film taking the user on an adventure, to the world of reading and literacy.


Aladdin is trapped by Jafar. Inscription in side the Book of Destiny will imprison Jafar. Your child will be whisked away to learning adventures that build essential reading skills and challenge the imagination. Genie, Jasmine, Iago, and the gang are here to cheer kids on with encouragement and helpful hints. Watch them improve their skill levels as they journey to free Aladdin.


Aladdin and three dim-witted men known as the Babylon Brothers enter the Cave of Wonders believing that Genie has been trapped there. When they read the scripture to free him, they find that they have been tricked by none other than Jafar. This ruse frees him to not only take over the palace but also the weak minds of the Babylon Brothers. Only the magical inscription found in the magical book given to you from the street vendor at the beginning of the game (which also acts as your main menu) can save the day. The only problem is that the needed page has been torn out, ripped into pieces and scattered around the Agrabah.