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The Riders of Ramond are legendary warriors-for-hire who are said to be the "best of the best", and though their skill is great, their ego is even greater.





According to Fasir, years ago, the Riders of Ramond were guarding a magical cargo. They were attacked by marauders, which made neither the riders or their cargo ever arrive at their destination. So the riders were doomed to repeat their mission over and over again.

The Sands of Fate[]

The Riders of Ramond show up exiting a canyon after going through a rock formation and fight marauders led by Zarasto. They end up opening a chest on an elephant's back and a crystal breaks, making the Riders and marauders vanish and relive the day over and over again. Aladdin tries to stop the riders from fighting with the marauders, but they refuse to listen to him. At the end of the episode, Iago catches the crystal that makes the Riders fulfill the mission and the marauders run away. The Riders finally succeed their mission by delivering the crystal to Fasir himself.

Riders Redux[]

The riders help Aladdin, Jasmine, and the gang fight marauders led by Zarasto. After defeating the marauders, they apologize to Aladdin for thinking that he was a traitor. They ask him to join them, which Aladdin appreciates but says that he prefers to stay in Agrabah with Jasmine.



  • The third Rider is never shown to speak much, other than to laugh in the face of danger or at jokes and Aladdin and his friends' warnings. The third Rider is also seen as the only one of the Riders not to have hair, a beard, and a moustache.
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