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River Jordan

The River Jordan.

The River Jordan is a river in the Seven Deserts located near Agrabah and serves as the kingdom's main source of water.



The Peddler briefly mentions how his goods are the best to be found "this side of the River Jordan". Later when Jafar tries to dispose of Aladdin (under the guise of Prince Ali), he has the Royal Guards throw him into the River Jordan, but he is saved from his watery grave by Genie.

Power to the Parrot[]

After acquiring Genie's powers, Iago decides to prove himself by redirecting the River Jordan so it leads straight into Agrabah. Later a powerless and unhappy Genie goes to the river to mourn his failure as a genie with a donkey, but the next day he realizes that the Jordan River has over-flooded due to Iago's powers, causing Agrabah to be flooded. In the end, Genie and Iago are able to undo the damage and restore the river back on its original path.

Behind the Scenes[]

Though its appearance in the film was brief, the River Jordan was going to be featured more prominently in the film and be right next to Agrabah according to concept art.


Concept Art[]


  • It is based on the real life river of the same name which holds important religious significance in the Middle East.