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The Rock Ifrit is a large type of elemental Ifrit made of rock that first appeared in the 1994 Aladdin (TV series) episode "The Day the Bird Stood Still".


It resembles a large, gray, quadrupedal gargoyle with bat-like ears and wings, and its back is covered in rows of dark brown scales resembling those of a pangolin.


Unlike other Ifrits, Rock Ifrits are not intelligent and are no smarter than an ordinary wild animal. They are very aggressive and detest the sound of the Ifrit horn.


Rock Ifrits are dangerous and strong creatures with strength comparable to a rhino, and their wings also make them just as much a threat in the air as they are on the ground. Their most dangerous ability though is their venom, as those they bite will slowly turn to stone after a day has passed, and the only cure for their venom is to grind up one of their scales and apply it to the skin. Their rock-like bodies also make them invulnerable to most conventional weapons, but despite their fearsome nature, they can still be contained and they are not as powerful as other Ifrits who have the ability to conjure their own elements and cause natural disasters.

The Day the Bird Stood Still[]

The Rock Ifrit appears in Abis Mal's Lair fast a sleep in a cage until Aladdin blows a horn and the Ifrit burst outta the Mystic's place and chase after Aladdin and The Magic Carpet The Ifrit crashed into a elephant statue head in The Sultan's Throne Room and was prison in the end The Ifrit was called by Abis Mal it chase him and bites on his pants and his nose turns into stone and chases The Ifrit outside to get the scales.


  • Like all other Ifrits, it is based on the low ranking fire demons from Arabic demonology.


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