He is a short bearded man with black hair and wears a cape with a brown shirt and black pants. He wears a blue pointed hat with fur lining.


He is a treacherous vizier who is willing to murder Prince Uncouthma to become the next ruler. He is cunning and intelligent but puny and weak. He is also cowardly. While he is sneaky and intelligent, he can also be clumsy and careless.


Runta's first and only appearance in the series is as the main antagonist of the episode "Stinker Belle". Prince Uncouthma introduces Runta to Aladdin as his Royal Vizier and he's going to do the wedding speech. When Uncouthma leaves with the gang, Runta calls his small yak, Zeebu, to get revenge on the barbarian prince. Runta is planning to destroy Uncouthma so he can have Brawnhilda as his bride. His first revenge is to put a spider on one of the yaks at the yak farm, that way the yak will get so scared, it will hurt Uncouthma and the prince could possibly die. But when the yak does so, Uncouthma is still okay. At the wedding ceremony, when Uncouthma and Brawnhilda are at the altar, Runta makes Zeebu eat a rope so that a yak that is hanging at the ceiling will fall and land on Uncouthma. The plan works when the yak falls on the prince, but Uncouthma is alright. When Runta finds out that Brawnhilda likes Aladdin, he decides to get revenge on him too. At a lake, he and Zeebu take out a boar so that it will attack Aladdin and eat him, but Brawnhilda defeats it. Runta's last revenge is to put two exploding cylindrical cheese on each one of the handles, that way when Aladdin and Uncouthma fight, the mallets will explode and kill them both. Genie tells the two about the mallets and they go after Runta. Uncouthma catches him and Runta is now giving the wedding speech from behind bars.

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