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Sacred Crock of Cheese

The Sacred Crock of Cheese

Sacred Crock of Cheese is the most sacred artifact of the Odiferans. It is an ancient cheese container which holds a most pungent yak cheese of the strongest odor. The exact use and purpose of this crock in Odiferous culture is unknown or if the cheese contained within is an ancient one of value as well, but the Odiferans treat it with the utmost reverence, and stealing it is considered worthy of an act of war without negotiation, even if the crock is suspected without evidence of being taken by an allied country. It is standard for Odiferans to take off their hat within the presence of the cheese or when even its name is mentioned.


The Way We War[]

The Crock was stolen by Nefir Hasenuf in order to trick the Odiferans into going to war with Agrabah and tricking both countries into buying weapons from him. Nefir's plan was eventually exposed and the crock returned to the Odiferans.