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Physical Appearance[]

He is a large pink rhinoceros who wears no shirt, purple and red striped vest with matching pants. He wears a blue belt. He also wears dancing shoes which Nefir placed on him.


Contrary to his name and size, he is kind cultured and friendly. He is fairly easygoing, as shown when he and Genie were being forced to dance faster and faster he simply went with the flow. He loves funky music and is generally funny and gentle.



Samir's origins are a complete mystery or even what manner of being he is. What is certain is that at some point he was in some sort of life-changing relationship which motivated him to move to Getzistan. Some time after moving, he woke up one morning and found himself wearing a mysterious pair of enchanted shoes which compelled him to dance every night he heard music.

Never Say Nefir[]

Because Nefir Hasenuf placed dancing shoes on him, Samir could not stop dancing and destroying Getzistan. Aladdin, and his friends tries to stop him to no success. Genie tries to build another weapon the next day to stop him but Nefir and his Imps sabotage it. Aladdin goes to Nefir to help stop the menace. Dejected, Nefir tells Genie Samir sleeps in a cave all day defensless. When Genie confronts Samir, then he realizes that Samir is a nice guy and is being used by Nefir and his Imps, only to be caught by Nefir and his Imps and have dancing shoes placed on him. Aladdin, and the others discover the truth and try to halt the destruction by playing soft music, but Nefir intervenes by playing loud music, making them dance faster. Genie realizes they need to make the music much louder so the shoes begin to dance so much that they self destruct. After doing so, both Samir and Genie are freed.

The next day, Samir is made a Getzistan citizen and he is seen lifting a tent. Nefir, and his Imps are all wearing dancing shoes and doing the cancan while Nefir whimpers as part of a new floor show.

My Fair Aladdin[]

Aladdin tells an exaggerated version of his encounter with Safir in order to impress Jasmine's guests at her party.


  • In his debut, the "Dance of the Hours" is heard playing while Samir is first seen dancing.
    • It is possible to conclude that since some pachyderm dancers like hippos and elephants were used in Disney's Fantasia's musical segment, the "Dance of the Hours", they decided to add and create another pachyderm dancer in this Aladdin episode, namely a rhino (only more gigantic).