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The Sand Shark (also known as The Beast) is a giant sand shark and a Minor Antagonist character in the 1994s TV series "Aladdin". He appears in two episodes Raiders of the Lost Shark, and Beast or Famine

Raiders of the Lost Shark

The Sand Shark, or The Beast which Merc calls him, he is first seen going around when Farouk spot The Sand Shark and he heads towards The City Marketplace of Agrabah to warn the people. Merc has Aladdin and his friends help him capture him and he uses Abu and later Jasmine as bait for The Shark Beast to eat them. When The Sand Shark gets out of the sand and flies over Merc's ship, everyone sees that his chest is covered with treasure. Later, when Aladdin and the others find Jasmine, The Sand Shark approaches them. They get on a rock and The Shark Beast tries to get them off so he could eat them. The gang is then rescued by Merc. When Aladdin and the others make The Sand Shark approach them as Merc tries to kill him, The Shark Beast runs into a rock and becomes unconscious. When the gang goes back to The Sultan's Palace, they ties The Sand Shark in front of him. The next morning, Merc frees The Sand Shark and he swims away.

Beast or Famine

Merc is going after The Sand Shark and about to throw his harpoon at him. But The Sand Shark then gets caught by rat-like people's harpoons and he gets eaten by them. Only The Sand Shark's bones are seen for the rest of the episode as a skeleton. Aladdin, Abu, and Merc use The Sand Shark's bones as a new ship since Merc's old one got wrecked to go rescue Genie from the Rat People's hostile leader, the Shaman.

Physical Appearance

The Sand Shark or The Beast is a dark blue and purple shark with red eyes, sharp teeths, giant fin with spikes on his back, long flippers with long tails, and his red gills.



The Sand Shark Beast bears resembles to Bruce the Shark from 1975's Steven Speilberg's film Jaws.



Raiders of the Lost Shark

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