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Saurus is The Mukhtar's pet dinosaur look like bird monster with the head of a eagle with the horn of a antelope on his head, he is a Genie hunter villain but later becomes reformed and a Minor Character he first appears in two of these episodes Genie Hunt, and The Hunted in 1994s The Disney Afternoon Shows, Aladdin.

Genie Hunt and The Hunted[]

In Genie Hunt Saurus, and The Mukhtar arrives at The Skull and Dagger Thieves's Den to find Genie, but they found Iago, and Abu inside The Skull and Dagger they thought Iago is a genie but he show where Genie is, so they followed them to The Sultan's Palace where Genie and Aladdin was washing Rajah Jasmine's pet tiger The Mukhtar captured him but Aladdin and his friends rescued him and they flies over towards the east of the mountain to find Ajed Al Gebraic, Genie's old friend and master, then he paid for The Mukhtar and left, in The Hunted after Mozenrath captured Genie in the Crystal of Ix, Saurus, and The Mukhtar leaves The Land Of the Black Sand Mozenrath's kingdom and The Citadel for the debt of honour after The Mukhtar released Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu, Carpet, and Iago, in the end after defeating Mozenrath and Xerxes Saurus, The Mukhtar and Genie are now old friends.

Role in the series[]


Physical Appearance[]

Saurus is The Mukhtar's giant brown male part dinosaur, reptile and part bird look like monster pet with white hair, the body of a Dinosaur and head and beak of a Eagle with the two grey horns of a antelope on his head, he has yellow and black eyes, and has brown spike on his back, a tail and two legs with talons claws of a velociraptor.


Saurus bears closely resembles to other Dinosaur like bird creatures  from one of Duck Dodgers shows episode The Queen is Wild. Saurus is also name for dinosaurs.



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