She is chubby and has long red hair. She wears a Galafem golden helmet and wears grey armor with a white skirt.


She is Queen Hippsodeth's right hand woman and tends to be clumsy, easygoing and friendly unlike most of the other Galafems but she is also very tough in a fight. She mainly serves as a goofy comic relief character. She is not a jealous person, as she congratulated Jasmine on beating her record and wasn't jealous that despite the fact she was in love with King Hector he loved queen Hippsodeth, though she did try to get him to fall in love with her (Queen Hippsodeth was interested in the Sultan, not him) which succeeded.


Like all Galafems, she is an experienced warrior particularly skilled in archery. She is good at flying horses.


She assists Queen Hippsodeth in capturing Jasmine and applauds Jasmine for managing to escape the jail cell they put her in. She later tries to battle Aladdin and his friends but fails due to intervention from Genie. In her next appearance, she falls in love with King Pector who tries to win Queen Hippsodeth's heart and tries to kidnap the Sultan and make him fall in love with Queen Hippsodeth so she can have King Pector. Howver, she caught Aladdin who was masquerading as the Sultan to try and talk to King Pector on his behalf. By the end of the episode, she and King Pector are lovers.


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