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Scheherazade and the Sultan in Agrabah Bazaar at Disneyland

Scheherazade and her Sultan flying on a magic carpet.

Scheherazade was a wise storyteller from the past who knew a thousand tales.



Not much is known about Scheherazade's past, but she was a famous storyteller who knew tales from all across the deserts. One day she became engaged to a Sultan and won his heart by telling him of the many stories she knew, and the two ruled their desert kingdom and had descendants of their own. The stories she told on that day to her husband were forever preserved in her enchanted necklace so that others could experience the events of her tales for themselves one day.

Scheherazade's life and tales would later become famous throughout the deserts centuries later, especially with Genie, Iago and Jasmine, with her stories becoming known as the 1,001 Arabian Nights. At some point Jafar himself acquired the legendary necklace of the famous queen which he later "gave" to Iago.


When the young street rat Aladdin discovered the all-powerful Genie, the genie briefly mentioned Scheherazade's thousand tales to him.

Iago Returns[]

When Aladdin, Jasmine and Iago become lost while on their little vacation, Iago tells them about Scheherazade and uses the necklace of Scheherazade which he obtained from Jafar to take them somewhere interesting, being transported to one of Sinbad's adventures in the past which proves to be more hazardous than expected.

After escaping from their perilous adventure, the trio return to Agrabah where the royal attendants inform them that, as if by a twist of fate, queen Scheherazade the Fifth, descendant of the original Scheherazade has come to Agrabah to meet with The Sultan. The trio are then eager to return the enchanted necklace back to Scheherazade's family.

Other Appearances[]

A mural depicting Scheherazade and her sultan flying on a magic carpet is displayed on the walls of the many Adventureland Bazaar attractions in the Disney Parks, some of which were renamed Agrabah Bazaar after the 1992 film, since 1955.


  • In the original 1,001 Arabian Nights, Scheherazade was the daughter of a royal vizier who was to be married to the sultan Shahryar who did not trust any woman after his first wife betrayed him and broke his heart, and so he swore to marry a new woman each day and have his new wife executed on the next day to ensure that they could not break his heart. However when Scheherazade became the Sultan's new wife, she regaled him with her stories which were so long that it took just one day to tell one story. The Sultan became so enthralled by her tales that he could not bring himself to have her executed. Eventually he genuinely fell in love with her and she with him and he made her his queen and had her rule alongside him.
    • Due to the many differences between Aladdin and the Arabian Nights, it is unknown how much of this is still part of Scheherazade's history in the setting of Aladdin, however Iago Returns implies that her life and tales are still pretty much the same with only a few minor or notable differences, such as her also having some knowledge of magic which allowed her to forge an enchanted necklace that would preserve her stories.