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Scott Weinger (born October 5, 1975) is an American actor who voiced Aladdin in all 3 Disney films. He also does Aladdin's voice in the video games. Scott Weinger even voices Aladdin in the TV series, and in Disney's House of Mouse. Scott Weinger reprises his role as Aladdin in the Hercules TV episode Hercules and the Arabian Night.

Early Life[]

Before he had the role of Aladdin, he was in a ton of TV shows. Scott was in Full house, and he played DJ's boyfriend. It was his role as Steve Hale in Full House that got him the role of Aladdin. The animators love his personality, and voice for the character. Scott was really happy for getting the role, and he had a blast recording with Robin Williams.

After the success of Aladdin[]

Scott was real famous for his voice as the character of Aladdin. Weinger decided to continue the role for two film sequels, and for the TV series. Scott also continue his role for Disney's House of Mouse, along with Hercules and the Arabian Night.

Where is his now[]

Scott Weinger is now a TV writer for comedy, and drama shows.