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Sinbad's crew

Sinbad's crew and ship.

Sinbad was a legendary sailor from long ago whose adventures were chronicled and shared by Scheherazade.

Physical Appearance[]

What Sinbad looked like is unknown, but Aladdin bared a strong resemblance to the famous sailor, so much so that his crew mistook him for Sinbad himself.


Sinbad was dedicated solely to his ship and never brought aboard close friends or loved ones unless necessary.



Long ago Sinbad sailed the seas and had many grand adventures, having encountered rocs, giant snakes and even giant cyclopes. His exploits would later be recounted by Scheherazade to her husband and then magically preserved his adventures within her enchanted necklace.

Aladdin's Quest[]

One of Agrabah's many streets had been named after Sinbad.

Iago Returns[]

When Aladdin, Jasmine and Iago obtain Scheherazade's enchanted necklace, they end up being sent into a recreation of Sinbad's adventure in the past, with Aladdin being mistaken for Sinbad himself and having to fight the giant cyclopes.


  • In the original 1,001 Arabian Nights, Sinbad was a brave sailor from Baghdad who traveled to many lands, faced countless monsters, came close to the Heavens, heard the songs of Angels, fought vicious Demons, and much more before finally returning to his family and loved ones with a horde of gold and ivory treasure upon the end of his journey.
    • Due to the many differences between Aladdin and the Arabian Nights, it is unknown how much of this is still part of Sinbad's history in the setting of Aladdin, however Iago Returns implies that all of his adventures occurred but likely with some minor or notable differences.