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Skeleton Army

The Skeleton Army

The Skeleton Army are seemingly Ayam Aghoul's loyal undead servants, but in truth they are actually his beloved harem of wives.


Skeleton Brides

The Skeleton Army's true female nature.

The Skeletons are creatures of destruction who faithfully carry out orders and will destroy anyone who opposes Aghoul. Making them appear emotionless and mindless when working or in battle.

However, when Aghoul properly introduces them and addresses them as his wives they become embarrassed and giddy, giggling like young maidens while hiding their faces, showing that they are all still quite infatuated with their husband. Their willingness to help with his evil plots also shows that they may have become quite evil themselves or that they are just that devoted to him.

Powers and Abilities[]

They can be summoned by Aghoul from a single bone on his person, and the brides can multiply their numbers by spreading their own bones about. They can even re-arrange or combine their bones to take on different shapes, such as monsters or cages. Despite their light frames, they are incredibly strong and can defeat multiple warriors and carry large stones and build palaces with little to no effort.


The Spice is Right[]

Aghoul summoned his wives to help welcome Jasmine to the Aghoul family and harem, acting as their guards and wedding planners.