Smells Like Trouble
Season 2, Episode 47
Ep 47
Air date November 15, 1994
Written by Bruce Reid Schaefer and Richard Stanley
Directed by Alan Zaslove
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Character Debut


General Gouda

Smelly Lizards

Characters in Order of Appearance




  • Genie's transformation into three witches is a reference to Shakespeare's Wayward Sisters from Macbeth, even quoting their famous incantation.
  • Odiferan children are revealed to not only grow up faster than non-Odiferans, but are even born with the strength of a grown man.
  • This episode takes place a year after the events of "Stinker Belle". This is the second episode to show a significant passage of time after "Forget Me Lots" and before "The Book of Khartoum", with "Forget Me Lots" taking place a year after Aladdin and "The Book of Khartoum" taking place over a year after "Some Enchanted Genie" respectively, showing that the events of the animated series lasted over 1 year at least or 3 years at most.
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