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Some Enchanted Genie
Season 2, Episode 6
Ep 11
Air date September 19, 1994
Written by Brian Swenlin and Marlowe Weisman
Directed by Toby Shelton
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Episode 16: Web of Fear


Genie falls in love with a female genie named Eden, but she isn't a free genie, having a young, homeless orphan girl named Dandhi as her master. Trouble ensues when Abis Mal sets his sights on obtaining Eden, making him her new master. After Dandhi wishes Abis Mal to leave them alone, she wishes by accident that Eden would stay with her until life ends. When Genie gets shocked, Eden says that she is all Dandhi has and cannot just leave her. When Genie understands, they promise they'd wait to be together until the time Dandhi's life ends.


After Aladdin, Genie, and Abu fail to catch Abis Mal, who has stolen Genie's lamp, Genie goes off on his own to find the thug himself. When he hears him rubbing his lamp, he flies off to find him. He then sees a homeless orphan named Dhandi release a female genie named Eden from a magic bottle. He falls in love with her after seeing her kindness and the same zany attitude that he has. Genie goes to the two to ask Eden out.

At first, Eden thinks Genie is trying to steal Dhandi away from her, but then she realizes he just wants to take her on a date. She gets happy and convinces Dhandi to use her first wish to make sure she doesn't go hungry again. She and Genie go skating on Saturn's rings and they both fall in love. Dhandi then gets captured by Abis Mal and Haroud, who were both spying on Genie and Eden.

Eden hears Dhandi calling her and tells Genie that she will be back in a flesh. She arrives to find Dhandi behind bars and Abis Mal wanting to be her master. Genie gets depressed when Eden doesn't return and goes home to Aladdin and Abu. Aladdin and Abu take Genie to see Eden and Genie thinks she was working for Abis Mal all along when he sees her talking to him. Abis Mal wishes for Eden to trap Genie and send him to the bottom of a deep ocean. Eden reluctantly grants that wish.

Abis Mal then wishes to be the biggest tough guy ever. After granting the wish, Eden sends a message to Genie, telling him that she added an exit to his prison, since Abis Mal didn't wish for Genie to be stuck there forever. Genie is overjoyed that Eden does love him and goes to help the others. While Aladdin is trying to get the magic bottle away from Abis Mal, Genie reappears. Thanks to Eden's loophole, he finds a way to bring him back to his normal size.

Abis Mal then wishes for Eden to turn Genie and Aladdin into cockroaches so he can squish them. Abu takes the bottle away from him and throws it to Dhandi, who wishes for Eden not to grant the wish. Eden then turns her magic on Abis Mal and Haroud, turning them into cockroaches.

Dhandi is freed, but she has only one wish left. She accidentally wishes that she and Eden would always be together. The two genies are saddened that they can't be together, but Eden tells Genie that Dhandi needs her and that she cannot just leave the girl, which Genie understands. The genies then make a promise that they will wait to be together until Dhandi's life ends.

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  • This is the fourth episode Jasmine is absent and the first episode Iago is absent.