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They are small fairy like creatures with furry bodies and white wings. They all look the same with the exception of different coloring.


They all share the same personality: cute, mischevious, destructive, playful and energetic. They tend to enjoy playing and making friends, but have too much energy, causing those around them to be tired out. They enjoy helping others to fly and showing off. They are also quite curious. However, they do not take kindly to people rejecting their offer to play with them and can be quite aggressive in getting others to play with them or do what they want. However, they are not evil and have since learned their lesson. Despite their large amount of energy, they can become tired and don't like it when others force them to work, especially Mozenrath.

Powers and Abilities[]

The sprites seem to be immortal. They have the ability to fly at rapid speeds and when they fly around someone or something, they can make that person or object fly as well. They are very strong, as it only took a few of them to fly around and lift the palace into the sky. They are also durable against high heat, having played among the stars and real sun. This implies they don't need to breathe air since it would be impossible to play into space if they couldn't breathe. This also further demonstrates their durability as space is a harsh environment to play in.


Love at First Sprite

Sprites see Aladdin flying on Carpet and, curious, follow them to the palace. They make a mess of the place before revealing themselves and playing with everyone. They then head over to Aladdin's hovel and sleep but wake up at the crack of dawn and wake the others up to play with them, much to their annoyance. They then fly around Aladdin, Jasmine, and The Sultan, allowing them to fly, leaving Carpet feeling dejected. However, they become upset when they request to be put down. They state their home is on the ground, prompting them to bring the palace to the sky. When Aladdin and the gang still refuse to stay with them, they incapacitate Genie and then send the palace and everyone falling to the sky. Carpet manages to trick them into a race, flying around the palace which allows the palace to fall on the ground without breaking apart. They then go home, tired and exhausted.

The Lost City of the Sun

The pink sprite goes to Aladdin for help as it is chased by Xerxes. Aladdin and Genie manage to catch Xerxes but he gets away. The pink sprite explains it and it's friends were kidnapped by Mozenrath and forced to work for him to find the power of Shamash or be killed but they only uncover statues and ruins. Aladdin goes to help them but Iago, Genie and Abu have already been turned into sprites by Genie in order to hide from Mozenrath. Aladdin goes to find the hand of Shamash while Iago stages a rebellion among the sprites against Mozenrath. Mozenrath follows Aladdin and manages to uncover a mini sun, the power of Shamash. He is about to eliminate Aladdin when Iago instructs the sprites to place the statues they found in specific locations to help Aladdin defend against the power of the sun by hiding behind the statues. Iago and a few of the sprites then manage to free the rest of the sprites held in captivity while Aladdin fights with Mozenrath, who falls down a pit. The sprites take Mozenrath's gauntlet away and hide it, and also take the sun away. They later play cards with Aladdin and his friends, while creating a constellation in honor of Iago for everything he has done, since he was the one who helped them rebel against Mozenrath and came up with the idea to defend Aladdin from the sun, and freed them.


  • They all look alike, aside from their individual colors.