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"The palace looks pretty amazing, huh?"
—Aladdin to Jasmine

The Sultan's Palace is a colossal structure that serves as the home of Agrabah's Sultan, Princess Jasmine, and most recently Aladdin and his friends.

The palace appears in all Aladdin-related media as its most iconic location.


The palace is located at the end of Agrabah, and can be seen from anywhere in the town. The palace itself is surrounded by high walls, with a main gate granting entrance. A small area on the wall is outfitted for the Sultan to make speeches and announcements to the people.

The palace itself is mostly white in color, with golden domed roofs. There are multiple towers of varying sizes. Inside, there are various rooms that are used by the Sultan and his family. Outside, in the area between the walls and the building itself, is a large garden, as well as a fountain. At night, the palace is illuminated.

Places of Interest[]

  • Throne Room: Where the Sultan governs Agrabah from day to day. In the center point is a large throne shaped like an elephant.
  • Jasmine's Room: The personal quarters of Princess Jasmine. The room opens up to a large balcony overlooking the city.
  • Jafar's Room: Jafar's personal chambers, where he got some rest and use from his opium hookah. This room is very spacious, has red walls, and it's very dark.
    • Jafar's Lair: A hidden area of the palace, where Jafar and Iago did most of their plotting. It includes the various instruments he used in his alchemy.
  • Dungeon: Where prisoners are held. A disguised Jafar meets Aladdin here to convince the boy to enter the Cave of Wonders. It contains a secret passageway to freedom.
  • Garden: Where Jasmine usually spends time with Rajah. It is surrounded by large walls and also works as a back entry way into the palace. There are doves and a large fountain.
  • Toy Room/Storage Room: Where the Sultan keeps various toys, trinkets and collectibles, including a model of Agrabah.


Royal Quarters[]

Guard Barracks[]

Servants' Quarters[]



The idea for the palace's construction was first planned by Sheik Hamed thousands of years ago after settling down in the location that would one day become the city of Agrabah.


Living in the Palace has been the sought after goal of Aladdin all his life and he shared his dream with Jasmine completely unaware that she was actually the princess of Agrabah who felt her glorious home was more of a prison than a paradise.

When Jafar finally acquires the Genie, his first wish is to become Sultan and has the Genie remove the Palace from its place in Agrabah and has it moved to the top of a tall mountain to look down upon the world. Luckily Aladdin is able to undo Jafar's evil and restore the palace back to where it was.

After his formal engagement to Jasmine, Aladdin was allowed to reside in the Palace and make his dream a reality.

The Return of Jafar[]

Aladdin has still been residing in the Palace alongside Jasmine since their engagement, but had to deal with newfound responsibilities, especially when the Sultan offered him the highly esteemed position of royal vizier. However, when Jafar returns, he and his new master Abis Mal take over the Palace and during his final confrontation with Aladdin and his friends, he makes a large chunk of the Sultan's palace slide from a cliff and fall into the lava, in order to prevent Aladdin from gaining his lamp, but thanks to Iago the lamp is destroyed along with Jafar and the Palace is restored back to normal.

After the ordeal, Aladdin is once again offered the chance to become the Sultan's new royal vizier now that he resides in the Palace, however Aladdin realizes that after his encounter with Jafar that there is a lot in the world he still hasn't seen and now wishes to see it all with his friends now that he has the means to achieve it to which Jasmine agrees who also wishes to see the world as she always wanted rather than remained confined in the Palace, so Aladdin postpones his residence in the palace and Jasmine their engagement to continue exploring the world together and learn to become better and wizened leaders for Agrabah.

Aladdin: The Series[]

Aladdin has returned to living in his hovel alongside Genie and his friends for the time being but he spends the majority of his time in the Palace and still has a room there where he and his friends stay on occasion. He has kept his promise from last time and is now exploring the world with Jasmine and the rest to learn and see as much as they can until the day comes that they feel ready to be leaders for Agrabah.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves[]

A pavilion behind the palace served as the site of Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding. After their wedding, Aladdin and Jasmine left Agrabah to go on their honeymoon, but it is likely they returned to reside there.

Other Appearances[]

Aladdin (2019 film)[]

In the 2019 remake, the palace has a less colorful and squat design and a direct access to the sea allowing for private commercial tradings in contrast to its animated counterpart which had access to a river.


Concept Art[]


  • The design is loosely based on the Taj Mahal, which is located in India.
  • The throne room was designed to echo the Sultan's rounded shape according to the Aladdin, Platinum Edition DVD: Pop-Up Fun Facts. This is reflected in the elephant throne, egg-shaped columns, and rounded oil lamps. During Jafar's reign, the shapes within the room appear as sharp and angular to reflect Jafar's silhouette. For example, the Sultan's elephant throne was converted to a cobra.