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He is chubby and wears gaudy clothing consisting of a turban with a large decorative split feather held by a green jewel like button. His clothes consist of yelow shirt with purple


He is a funny kind jolly man who tries to always be happy even when his kingdom is in ruins. He is very kind to everyone but does have a temper as shown when he was upset at Genie for destroying his statue but also forgiving as he was willing to give Genie a second chance. He is cowardly in dangerous situations and usually runs away. He is humble and friendly.


Never Say Nefir[]

Aladdin and his friends meet Sultan Pasta Al-Dente in Getzistan. His city is destroyed everyday by Samir the "Destroyer" but Nefir and his imps rebuild the city everyday within a matter of hours, leading to a costly reconstruction and loss of business. When Aladdin suggests he get rid of Samir, Al Dente is delighted that Aladdin will do it, forcing Aladdin to take the responsibility. When Aladdin reveals Nefir was behind it all, Al-Dente thanks them and places Nefir and his imps in cages with dancing shoes on, having them be the floor show.

The Seven Faces of Genie[]

Aladdin, his friends, and the Sultan of Agrabah visit Getzistan. Unfortunately, Genie attacks him thinking he is ambushing them, causing him to be mad at the others but the Sultan manages to get him to forgive Genie. He shows the Sutlan around, including his prized statue and reminds Genie to be at the main hall by 12. He becomes annoyed with Genie when Abis Mal splits him into seven people, each of which cause destruction throughout his city, and Abis Mal takes the chance to try and usurp Al Dente. He forgives Genie in the end upon realizing what happened and stating he prefers one Genie.

Egg-stra Protection[]

Abis Mal steals the gryphon egg, causing it to wreck havoc in Getzistan. Aladdin and his go to Getzistan to return the egg. While everybody else is gone, Iago stays with Al-Dente to play Wheel of Fortune but eh gryphon attacks the casino, causing the sultan to run away. He later thanks the gang for their efforts and cages Abis Mal and Haroud as his next floor show.


His name is a play on the words Pasta and Al Dente

His kingdom is based off of Las Vegas.