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Tanti is a young boy who appeared in the Aladdin TV series.


He is a young, barefooted boy who looks similar to a young Aladdin. He wears a red fez and tattered grey shirt with matching grey pants with patches and a brown sash.


He is a kind and helpful young boy.




Tanti in "Do the Rat Thing".

He lives in the marketplace with his mother, sister and unnamed infant sibling. He also has a strong relationship with Jasmine as she's almost like a second mother to him.

The Return of Jafar[]

After Aladdin stole Abis Mal's treasure, he spread it across Agrabah's poor district, with some gold landing before Tanti and his family, much to their delight.

Aladdin: The Series[]

Do the Rat Thing[]

Jasmine sees they have little to eat so, as a rat, she and Iago give them a watermelon.

Power to the Parrot[]

Tanti and his mother were among the many who attended Iago's big feast in the marketplace which he made thanks to his newly obtained semi-cosmic powers from Genie.

Hero with a Thousand Feathers[]

Tanti and his mother along with the rest of Agrabah's denizens were forced to pay tribute to the evil demon Amuk Moonrah, with Amuk taking what little they had and then burning it for his own amusement. Thankfully, the demon was defeated in the end by Iago.

The Ethereal[]

Tanti and his mother's wagon had broke down and Aladdin and friends fixed it, with Jasmine offering to buy it to give them money for food. Jasmine later sacrifices her life to save him from a crashing building but she is resurrected by the Ethereal much to his relief.