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(Setting: Mozenrath's Citadel, in the lab. Mozenrath and Xerxes are looking at a book on a stand. A man's face is on the cover of the book.)

Xerxes: Open the book! Open the book! Open the b—

Mozenrath: (grabbing Xerxes by the throat) Quiet, Xerxes! It took me seven years of searching the Seven Deserts to find the Book of Khartoum. And now that it's mine I want to savor the moment. Xerxes: Yes, master. (slinks away)

Mozenrath: (places his hand on the book) Many great wizards have dreamt of unlocking its dark secrets, but I no longer have to dream.

(A red glow surrounds Mozenrath's hand, then spreads to the book. The face on the book's cover comes to life, and the book starts to float.)

Khartoum: Finally, someone worthy of my magic has released me. What is it that you seek?

Mozenrath: Oh, not much really. Just… all of your secrets!

Khartoum: Ah, a wizard with a taste for power. I like that.

(The book opens and starts flipping through its pages.)

Khartoum: The key to all of the magical secrets in the cosmos is held within the Philosopher's Stone. (the book shows a picture of a blue gem)

Mozenrath: Yes! Where can I find this stone?

Khartoum: You do not find it. You make it. First you must build a furnace to heat a small quantity of sands, crystals, and flakes of gold.

Mozenrath: Mere child's play.

Khartoum: There is one element that is absolutely essential. A cosmic power source strong enough to heat the furnace.

Mozenrath: Oh, I know just what could provide such power…