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The Citadel
Season 2, Episode 35
Ep 37
Air date October 31, 1994
Written by Bill Motz and Bob Roth
Directed by Alan Zaslove
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Episode 43: Hero with a Thousand Feathers
Episode 45: Snowman is an Island



A young, powerful sorcerer named Mozenrath and his flying eel, Xerxes, make a large winged creature attack the marketplace. Aladdin shows up flying on Carpet to save the city. When the creature grabs Carpet and Aladdin is about to land on a bed of nails, Genie shows up and rescues the street rat.

Mozenrath sees Genie and suggests that he sees how Aladdin handles his magic without Genie's help. The creature goes after Aladdin again. Aladdin gets on the creature, takes one of the sheets from the clothes line and puts it in the creature's face, which makes it run into a wall. Mozenrath then comes up with another idea. Aladdin, who is hanging on a line, sees a woman and her crying baby standing at the top of an arch. The creature gets to where they are and Aladdin grabs the woman and swings to a high balcony to put her down. The creature reaches him and vanishes in a puff of smoke.

Aladdin takes the blanket off the baby's head and finds Xerxes. The woman disappears and Mozenrath shows up and congratulates Aladdin for passing the test. The street rat realizes that Mozenrath turned the creature loose. Genie shows up and meets Mozenrath as well. He and Aladdin hop on Carpet to leave and as they do so, Aladdin tells Mozenrath that he'll risk his life saving others but not for gold. The sorcerer then comes up with an idea.

Early the next morning at Aladdin's hovel, Mozenrath makes Genie and his lamp disappear. Everybody wakes up and finds the sorcerer, who tells Aladdin that he can't take "no" for an answer. Everyone sees Genie's lamp missing and Mozenrath takes them to his place: The Land of the Black Sand, also called the Citadel. The sorcerer shows them his slaves called Mamluks. Aladdin asks Mozenrath where Genie is and they hear a beast's sound, making Mozenrath tell them that this is where the jinn is. He tells Aladdin that the beast is called a Thirdac, which is a magic-eating creature. Mozenrath tells the street rat that he has to put a collar on the Thirdac to control it. When the sorcerer leaves, the gang goes inside the citadel and Aladdin tells Iago and Carpet to get the collar while he and Abu find Genie.

Genie gets out of his lamp and runs into a Thirdac, who chases him around the building. He hides in a closet, which Aladdin opens and finds the jinn. The thirdac gets in and starts to suck the magic out of Genie. When Aladdin stops it, Genie vanishes, making Aladdin and Abu think the Thirdac ate him. However, when the Thirdac leaves, it turns out Genie has been hiding under Abu's fez. Aladdin tells Genie about the collar that's suppose to control the creature.

Iago shows the three and Carpet Mozenrath's lab. Carpet shows Aladdin the collar that's suppose to control the Thirdac. After the gang reads more information about the Thirdac, the creature shows up and sucks Carpet. Two of his tassels gets sucked in and he starts unravelling. Genie pulls Carpet out underneath the thirdac and everyone gets out of the lab, leaving the creature behind. Genie then repairs Carpet. Aladdin suggests that Iago and Abu distract the Thirdac while he snaps the collar around its neck.

They all get back in the lab and search for the creature. Genie turns his head and sees the Thirdac standing behind him and Carpet. The two fly up to the ceiling and the thirdac goes after them. Aladdin stands on a table and makes Abu cut the rope so that a lantern falls on it and makes Aladdin get to the rafters on the ceiling. He then tries to put the collar on the Thirdac. When he climbs on the thirdac, the rafters break and everyone falls. Aladdin managed to put the collar on the creature. Mozenrath shows up and tells Aladdin that the Thirdac is under his control. Aladdin decides that Mozenrath wins, with his friends shocked. However, when they get out of the citadel, it turns out that Aladdin was just fooling Mozenrath. He then gets an idea.

Back at Mozenrath's lab, the sorcerer is looking at a big, golden wheel thinking of who to conquer next, with the Thirdac tied up next to it. Aladdin and his friends are back in Mozenrath's lab and try to make the sorcerer put the thirdac back to its world. When Mozenrath refuses to do so, Iago takes the collar off the Thirdac and the creature attacks Mozenrath. He casts a spell on a tapestry with other thirdacs on it and it turns into a portal. The Thirdac sees it and gets inside it and Mozenrath turns it back into a tapestry. He then decides that Aladdin wins for now, which Aladdin replies "for good."

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