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The Ethereal
Season 3, Episode 6
Ep 84
Air date November 4, 1995
Written by Brian Swenlin
Directed by Alan Zaslove
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Episode 83: Two to Tangle
Episode 85: The Shadow Knows



When Jasmine is at the marketplace, which is empty, and goes to a jewelry stand, she sees a golden mask called the Ethereal. When she picks it up, she hears a woman's voice coming from it. The Ethereal says that ice shall fall from the sky, causing it to hail, the earth shall move, causing an earthquake, light shall become dark and creatures of destruction shall bring forth their wrath, causing everything to turn black and glowing eyes to appear, and she will come and "the day of reckoning shall be at hand." Jasmine sees a wind blowing over the Sultan's model of Agrabah, wearing it down to nothing. When darkness lifts, she sees the ruins of the city buried by sand. It then turns out Jasmine was dreaming. After her father wakes her up, they see hail falling, making Jasmine remember the first thing the Ethereal said in her dream.

The next morning at the marketplace, everything is covered in snow. Aladdin and Jasmine are talking about the hail. Abu and Iago show up with a bag of scrolls. Aladdin picks up a scroll and reads "The Bird's Eye Tour of Agrabah." Iago tells them that those are guide scrolls for a price and he's going to add a "fun in freakish weather" section because of the hailstorm. Then an earthquake starts, making Jasmine remember the second thing the Ethereal said in her dream. She then tells everyone all the other things the Ethereal said and Aladdin says that it's just a coincidence. Everyone then sees a little boy named Tanti and his mother with a cart full of textiles, with one of the wheels fallen off the cart. While they are helping them, Jasmine takes a handkerchief out of the cart, with Tanti telling her that he made one with his mother. She buys it and gives Tanti a sack of coins.

After Tanti and his mother leave, light becomes dark, making Aladdin start to think that Jasmine's right. The gang sees glowing eyes, which reveal to be giant scorpions. The scorpions start to attack the gang. Genie turns into a chef, creates a giant cooking pot and dumps the scorpions in it. After Genie eats the scorpions, everyone sees the Ethereal, who is wearing a long white robe. She tells them that it is the day of reckoning of their civilization and if she dislikes what she sees, she will destroy Agrabah. She tells Jasmine to show her what makes Agrabah great. Iago gives the princess the scroll and she decides to guide her while Aladdin suggests that they should know more about the Ethereal.

He, Genie, and Abu go to Jafar's lab and look up information about the Ethereal. When Genie picks up a book, it shows a picture of a spear called the Spear of Agamota. It says that two people gave it two thumbs up and they don't rate spells unless they are really good. Aladdin decides to go for it. Meanwhile, Jasmine, Iago, and the Sultan show the Ethereal Agrabah's library. The Ethereal likes it but tells them that Atlantis also had a library stocked with many wonderful tomes that was of no consequence when she delivered her judgment. Dark clouds start to appear outside.

Meanwhile, Aladdin and the others are working at a forge. Jasmine and the others then show the Ethereal the marketplace. The Ethereal is not satisfied and the clouds begin to thunder. Meanwhile, Aladdin is pouring the molten metal into a spear-shaped mold. He then sees thunder and lightning outside and starts to rush the others. Jasmine and the others now show the Ethereal the arts in Agrabah, but still she is not satisfied and the clouds begin to swirl. Then a giant cube with an Ethereal mask on each face descends from the clouds and lighting starts shooting from it, destroying Agrabah. Aladdin and the others are done creating the spear. Aladdin and Carpet fly out of the palace with Genie in the form of a fighter plane with Abu as the pilot. They fly close to the cube, but a lightning bolt hits Genie and knocks one of his wings off.

After Genie and Abu crash, Aladdin sees red sparks coming out of the spear and tries to make it work. When a lightning bolt hits the spear, it is undamaged and it starts to glow red, meaning it's working. Aladdin makes Carpet get him close to the cube and he throws the spear through the mouth of one of its Ethereal masks. It stops and smoke starts coming out of it, with everyone cheering. But the cube suddenly starts to work again and continues to destroy the city. The gang decides to rescue everyone. Tanti and his mother are looking for each other. When they find each other, Tanti runs to her, but lightning strikes a building in front of him and the boy is knocked to the ground unconscious. A tower next to the building that fell starts to crack and is about to fall on Tanti. Jasmine sees this and rescues the boy, but gets hit by the falling tower herself and dies.

The Ethereal says that she saw everything she needed to see. She then magically restores the destroyed buildings and brings Jasmine back to life. Jasmine realizes that it's the people that make Agrabah great. The Ethereal tells everyone that the lesson was for them to cherish their people or she will return if they forget. The city cheers while Abu and Iago tear up the guide scrolls.

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  • Two unnamed boys which are saved by the main characters from a crumbling building are the same two boys previously seen in "Of Ice and Men" and "The Spice is Right".