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Amber, the only known member of The Four Dates.

The Four Dates are a musical band operating in Agrabah who usually work alongside Omar the Magician.



The Four Dates are old acquaintances of Omar, usually working alongside him during shows, mainly due to that their music helps to relax crowds who are displeased with Omar's backfiring magic.

Jasmine and the Disappearing Tiger[]

After witnessing Omar's magic at the bazaar, Jasmine decided to invite him to perform at the Sultan's Palace. Omar naturally feared he would perform another blunder so he invited The Four Dates to provide backup entertainment as usual, however a dispute then occurred within the band and a member resigned, leaving only three members, however Omar insisted they not change their name as "Omar and The Four Dates" sounded catchier.

As usual, Omar's performance at the palace was a mixed bag, but with the aid of The "Four" Dates, he was able to come out not looking too bad and managed to impress the princess and her company, that was until the next day Jasmine realized that Omar's last trick resulted in Rajah being replaced by a complete different tiger, forcing her to seek out Omar. Aladdin and Jasmine then went to The "Four" Dates and asked to see Omar but informed them that Omar had been taken prisoner by a desert Sheik, forcing Aladdin and Jasmine to rescue. During the adventure, Omar befriends the Sheik's daughter Amber who seeks a new life for herself, resulting in Omar inviting her to join The Four Dates, giving them a fourth member once more with modest success.