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The Further Adventures of Aladdin

The Further Adventures of Aladdin is a four-part collection of short chapter books that focus on Aladdin and his friends after the events of The Return of Jafar but before Aladdin: The Series, and it is the second Aladdin book series after Aladdin: Six New Adventures.


Cover Title Release Date Publisher
A Thief in the Night
A Thief in the Night September 1, 1994 Disney Press
Aladdin and Jasmine can't wait to meet the powerful sorcerer who's visiting Agrabah. But once they do, it doesn't take them long to realize the mysterious visitor has a few tricky plans up his sleeves—including making the Sultan's magic ring, the Mystic Blue Diamond, disappear!
Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather September 1, 1994 Disney Press
Aladdin is having a bad day. The Sultan is sick, and Aladdin has to take over his duties—dealing with paperwork, overseeing the palace staff, even judging a dog show! The worst part is that nobody seems to appreciate what a big job it is—especially Iago. Aladdin wishes that birdbrain could see what it's really like to rule the roost for a day. But when the Genie accidentally zaps Aladdin and Iago into each other's bodies, Aladdin gets a bird's-eye view of the whole situation...
A Small Problem
A Small Problem March 1, 1995 Disney Press
An evil sorcerer gives the inhabitants of the palace of Agrabah enchanted drinking water, with the power to reverse aging. But this fountain of youth never shuts off and Iago speedily regresses to an egg. It's up to Aladdin and Jasmine to trick the sorcerer into revealing the antidote.
Iago's Promise
Iago's Promise March 1, 1995 Disney Press
Iago has promised not to say an unkind word about anyone for two days. He'll be rewarded with a brand-new super-deluxe birdbath if he makes it. The trouble is he's overheard the newest members of the palace staff making suspicious plans for the upcoming Ceremony of Fireworks. Iago doesn't want to risk losing his prize, but if he doesn't say something soon, he's afraid the Ceremony might be more explosive than anyone bargained for.