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The Game
Season 2, Episode 28
Ep 32
Air date October 18, 1994
Written by Richard Stanley
Directed by Alan Zaslove
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Episode 38: Poor Iago

The Game is the 37th episode of Aladdin.



Genie is preparing a game of croquet to play with Carpet, hoping he'll beat the rug at the game. But Carpet wins instead, making Genie mad. The jinn calls for a rematch and use Iago as a ball, but Iago flies away. Genie then decides to play baseball. After Carpet wins the game, Genie is upset and says that he'll do anything to win.

A dwarf sorcerer named Ding appears and tells Genie that he heard what he said. He then calls his sister Oopo to tell her that the game is on. Genie brings in Carpet to play with them. The wizards see Aladdin and the others looking down from the balcony. Genie goes to them and tells them that Ding is his coach.

The wizards appear and they have a team. Ding has Genie, Jasmine, and Abu while Oopo has, Aladdin, Iago, and Carpet. At first, the others don't want to play, but then they accept it. The wizards take the gang to a snow-covered mountain. They make them slide down and when they do so, Ding's team make it to the bottom first, making Genie think he wins the game, but Ding tells him that this wasn't a race. When Oopo's team gets down, the real game is to tie a rope on a polar bear. The gang fails to do so, so Ding tosses the bear far away.

Everybody then wants to quit playing, but the wizards want them to continue. They make a lava appear in the snow. They then take the gang to a rocky landscape, where they have to climb up the mountain, with the rules being no flying, no using trick ropes, and no helping each other. No one makes it to the top of the mountain.

The wizards then replace the mountain with two volcanoes, with Abu and Iago suspended over them in cages. The team have to use plugs to put on the top of the volcano. When they make it to the top, they end up falling, so nobody was able to plug the volcano. Genie then gets an idea, telling the wizards that they do not know how to play games, with the dwarves saying they can so. When Genie keeps denying it, Ding and Oopo put the plugs on the volcanoes and Abu and Iago are free. The jinn then creates a video game for the wizards to play. While the sorcerers are playing, Genie tells them that whoever sends him and the others back to Agrabah first is the winner.

The wizards send the gang back to their home. Genie decides that he can't always win and that he and Carpet can just play croquet for fun. However, the two then fight over who hits the ball first.

Character Debut[]

Ding and Oopa

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  • In a scene where Jasmine tries to rescue Abu from the lava, the lava erupts and Jasmine falls down with it. This actually would've killed her.