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The Hunted
Season 3, Episode 1
Ep 79
Air date September 16, 1995
Written by Thomas Hart
Directed by Alan Zaslove
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Episode 78: The Return of Malcho
Episode 80: Riders Redux


A monster is in Agrabah, and soon takes Aladdin and friends captive except Genie. He reveals himself: the Mukhtar, and he will only release the others if Genie agrees to help him deal with Mozenrath, who has sent Mamluks after the two. Genie reluctantly agrees, and they go to the Land of the Black Sand; in Mozenrath's castle, Genie accidentally unleashes a man-eating plant on the Mukhtar. Although at first he leave him, he finds that he cannot allow the Mukhtar to die, and once he is saved, the Mukhtar vows a debt of honor. They at last find Mozenrath, and the Mukhtar delivers Genie, having tricked him, to the sorcerer, who imprisons him in the Crystal of Ix, which drains Genie's powers every time it is touched. Mukhtar lies about Aladdin and the others' fate, taking his reward and once outside the castle, releasing them. Aladdin and the others naturally go after Genie, but soon all but Al are defeated, until the Mukhtar returns, imprisoning Mozenrath with magic-trapping bolas and releasing Genie. Having repaid his debt, the Mukhtar prepares to leave, but he and Genie depart as friends.


At the marketplace, Iago talks Abu into stealing leftover fruits. When Abu takes two apples and runs back to Iago, something swoops down and takes him. Iago sees yellow eyes and runs away. The parrot goes to Aladdin's hovel to tell everyone that he saw something and that it took Abu. While everyone goes on a search for the monkey, something swoops down.

Genie then makes a plan for everyone to split into groups of two. Everyone later sees that Carpet disappeared. When they hear a hissing sound, they all run away. The thing then captures Iago. Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie get on the roof and start running. The thing captures Jasmine and Aladdin and Genie get back on the ground. Genie takes Aladdin inside a building. The jinn then handcuffs himself and Aladdin, but the thing still manages to capture the street rat. Genie then runs into the Mukhtar.

The Mukhtar tells Genie that he needs his help and he shows him that his friends are inside a medallion. He tells Genie that he'll destroy his friends if he doesn't help him. Mamluks enter the building and attack. After defeating the mamluks, the Mukhtar tells Genie that Mozenrath has been hunting him for many months because of the fact that he can sense magic. He asks the jinn to help him defeat Mozenrath.

The two get to the Land of the Black Sand. They get inside Mozenrath's lair. Genie and the Mukhtar get in a room and find a meat-eating plant. It captures the Mukhtar and Genie runs away with the medallion. He then goes back to rescue the Mukhtar. The Mukhtar is surprised about Genie rescuing him, but he still won't consider himself and the jinn as friends. Genie and the Mukhtar get inside Mozenrath's lab and the jinn sees the Crystal of Ix.

When Mozenrath shows up, the Mukhtar tells him that he delivered Genie as promised, with Genie being shocked and realizing he's been tricked. The jinn then gets sucked inside the crystal. Mukhtar then says that Aladdin is dead, which makes Mozenrath angry because he wanted to be the one to destroy the street rat. When the Mukhtar leaves, Mozenrath is about to make the crystal work. When the Mukhtar gets on Saurus, he opens the medallion and Aladdin and the others come out. It turns out they were not dead after all. The Mukhtar tells everyone about what's happening to Genie and the gang wants to go rescue the jinn.

Aladdin and Carpet are at the window watching Mozenrath putting his hand on the crystal to have Genie's powers. Mozenrath shoots a ball at the window, which turns into a hand and grabs Carpet. Aladdin falls and Mozenrath sees that he's still alive. Another blast comes out of the sorcerer's gauntlet and it becomes a serpentine dragon and it wraps itself around Aladdin. Jasmine, Abu, and Iago watch. Iago flies down holding Abu, but Xerxes grabs the monkey and the parrot lands on the crystal. Mozenrath touches it and it shocks Iago, throwing him to the ceiling.

Aladdin bites the dragon and it lets go of him. He then goes to tackle Mozenrath. The sorcerer takes more of Genie's powers and blasts Aladdin away. Aladdin gets wrapped up in magic chains. The Mukhtar shows up and catches Mozenrath in a pair of bolas. Mozenrath throws a sword, but it lands on the crystal, freeing Genie. Genie frees Jasmine, Carpet, Iago, and Aladdin, and Xerxes lets go of Abu.

Mozenrath and Xerxes are defeated. When everyone is back at the desert, Genie and the Mukhtar become friends.

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