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The Lost City of the Sun
Season 2, Episode 63
Ep 59
Air date February 9, 1995
Written by Mirith J. Colao
Directed by Rob LaDuca
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While Aladdin and Abu are sleeping and Genie, Iago, and Carpet are playing a game of "Go Fish", a pink sprite is getting chased by Xerxes. After the gang gets rid of the eel, the sprite tells Aladdin that Mozenrath captured the other sprites and that he needs their help to free them. So the gang and the sprite go to [the Lost City of the Sun.

The next day, Mozenrath orders the exhausted sprites to dig and find the Hand in the Sand that leads to the power of Shamash. The gang and the sprite are hiding behind the ruins watching Mozenrath. They are planning to find the other sprites without getting caught by Mozenrath. However, they get caught by mamluks, but they defeat them.

While Aladdin, Carpet, and the pink sprite are trying to figure out what Mozenrath is looking for, Genie, Abu, and Iago go to an ancient building to find all the other sprites. The three go inside the building and find the sprites. But Xerxes gets in and Genie turns himself, Iago, Abu into sprites to disguise themselves. The eel makes the sprites get out and help Mozenrath find the Hand in the Sand. Aladdin, Carpet, and the pink sprite see a disguised Genie, Abu, and Iago pass by. The three then plan to find the Hand in the Sand before Mozenrath does.

After Genie, Abu, and Iago get to the other sprites, Xerxes tells them to work, but Iago refuses and tells the eel that work "cramps his style". Meanwhile, Aladdin and Carpet are examining some writing on the wall. They are looking for the Hand in the Sand. Then the mamluks appear and try to catch them. But Aladdin, Carpet, and the pink sprite fly up into the sky. The three then notice that the paths dug by the Sprites form the Hand in the Sand, pointing the way to the power of Shamash. Aladdin makes a plan that they have the power of Shamash so that Mozenrath will be at their mercy and the sprites will be home free. The three go down and find a large, black metallic orb with a sun symbol carved into it. It's the power of Shamash.

Meanwhile, the sprites are getting tired of digging. Iago then suggests to the sprite that they stop the digging once and for all. When Xerxes shows up and tells the sprites to work, they refuse. The eel then goes to Mozenrath and tells him that the sprite won't listen to him. Mozenrath gets angry and uses his gauntlet to shoot magic at the sprites. When the sprites leave, Mozenrath and Xerxes find Genie, Abu, and Iago. He turns the three back to normal and wants to know where Aladdin is.

Meanwhile, Aladdin and the pink sprite are trying to figure out how the power of Shamash works. Meanwhile, Mozenrath sees the writing on the wall and finds out that Aladdin found the Hand in the Sand. The sorcerer then gets to Aladdin and the gang. He tries to destroy Aladdin with the sun. Iago goes to get more sprites to help them defeat Mozenrath. The parrot makes the sprites place the Shamash statues in the desert so that Aladdin will use them as a shield. While the sun is closer to Mozenrath and the sorcerer and Aladdin fight, Iago and the sprites go to the ancient temple to free all the other sprites. Mozenrath falls into a hole and a group of sprites removes his gauntlet and carries it away. The other sprites get rid of the sun.

Mozenrath is furious at the gang for once again foiling his scheme, and as he climbs out of the hole, he declares his eternal grudge against Aladdin. But just as it appears that the sorcerer and Aladdin are prepared to duel once again, Mozenrath's cloak falls off his right hand, revealing a dry, skeletal, skinless arm. The sorcerer tells them that he gave his hand for power. The sprites tell him that they hid his gauntlet somewhere in the middle of the desert. The gang and the sprites leave while Mozenrath and Xerxes are digging to find the sorcerer's gauntlet.

The gang and the sprites are now at Aladdin's hovel playing Go Fish. The sprites show Iago a picture of him in the sky, which makes the parrot change his heart about them.

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  • At one point, Genie calls Mozenrath the "Mighty Morbid Power Monger", an obvious reference to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
  • The gang is shocked when they see the revealing of Mozenrath's skeletal right arm. However, this is NOT the first time his right arm is shown without his gauntlet, Black Sand was. This may mean that they didn't see it the first time.