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The Lost Ones
Season 2, Episode 57
Ep 77
Air date December 3, 1994
Written by Kevin Campbell
Directed by Tad Stones
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Episode 65: Armored and Dangerous
Episode 67: Eye of the Beholder



Children are constantly disappearing in Agrabah. At the marketplace, a street rat named Wahid steals oranges from Farouk, but then runs into Aladdin and Abu. When Wahid tells Aladdin that he won't be a street rat forever and someday he'll make something of himself, Aladdin is reminded of his childhood friend, Amal, who told him the exact same thing and suddenly vanished. Aladdin then sees that Wahid disappeared.

Come nightfall, Aladdin and his friends fly over the city to look for the disappearing children. They hear a woman and her baby crying and when they get to them, they see a shadow around the corner. They follow it, but get to a dead end.

When Aladdin and Genie jump around the corner, they find Wahid. They then see a gargoyle-like monster called an El Khatib(Shadow Walker) come towards them. Aladdin realizes that it was the El Khatib who has taken Amal. While everyone fights the monster, Wahid is flying on Carpet. A black portal opens behind them and a monster's hand reaches out. Carpet flies to the others to show them that Wahid is gone.

Everyone is now at Aladdin's hovel and Aladdin blames himself for losing Wahid and Amal. Genie makes Aladdin snap out of it and has an idea. Since the El Khatib only takes kids, the jinn disguises Iago as a baby. Everyone then sees that Iago suddenly disappeared and they go find him. They see a bottle lying on the ground and they find Iago. Aladdin gets to the alley he and Amal were in his flashback and finds Wahid leaning on a well. Wahid tells Aladdin that he decided to go to the El Khatib to have power. His eyes are yellow and his hands turn into a claw. This makes Aladdin realize that the El Khatib is Amal.

Amal and Wahid get in the well. Amal creates a portal and he and Wahid get inside of it. Aladdin and the others get in the portal as well and find themselves in a misty place with no ground. Genie opens a portal and the gang gets to some ruins. They see the lost children behind glowing bars. The gang discovers the truth behind it all: Mirage.

Mirage has been amassing her own force every seven years when more El Khatib can be recruited. A portal opens behind her and tells Wahid to go into the shadow realm. When Wahid refuses to go, Mirage tells him that since he is an El Khatib, he will die when the moon sets. When Wahid doesn't want to be El Khatib anymore, Aladdin tells Mirage to turn Wahid back to normal and have himself be in his place. Mirage decides to make Aladdin her personal manservant instead.

Mirage turns Wahid back to normal and makes Aladdin go inside the portal. The cat woman sees that Aladdin was Genie all along and that the real Aladdin is escaping with Wahid. Mirage gets angry and makes the El Khatib capture the two.

Amal captures Aladdin, but refuses to kill him since he's his friend. When Mirage leaves, the moon sets and the portal closes. All the El Khatib vanish. Amal, however doesn't vanish, but instead regains his right human arm.

Amal then sets out to do more good deeds and regain his humanity.

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