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Oracle is an omniscient spirit bound to a staff who answers one question per person. It is being given as a gift at Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding. It is through her that Aladdin discovers the fate of his father and sets off on the quest to find him.


The Oracle faithfully follows her duties and will answer the questions of her wielders regardless of who they are. She often appears emotionless and apathetic, however she does have a will of her own and can show compassion, knowing full well what Aladdin's heart most desired and willingly showed him more regarding his father despite only giving one answer per person and being strict to the likes of Iago and others in regards to their additional questions, showing a compassionate side to her that recognized Aladdin's pure heart.

Powers and Abilities[]

Seemingly all-knowing, she is capable of answering any question. However, the Oracle is bound by one rule: One question, one answer.

The Rule of One[]

In her words, every person may ask her a single question and be answered. Afterwards, the Oracle cannot answer a question to the same person. She refuses to break this rule to Iago, but is more apologetic to Aladdin.

The questions the Oracle answers do not have to be directly at her, as shown when Iago wondered out loud ("VERY loud", as noted by Genie) why the King of Thieves had wanted the scepter which houses the Oracle's spirit when there were other seemingly more valuable treasures to steal. Since she heard the question, and as it was indirectly about her, the Oracle declared, "Your question is mine to answer!"

Otherwise, one in possession of the Oracle's scepter can summon her and then ask their question directly to her, as shown when Aladdin did so. In this instance, when he asked where his father was, the Oracle told him how to "Follow the trail of the Forty Thieves".

She can also provide a single additional piece of information regarding the answer. Like when she warned Aladdin that his father was trapped within the world of the forty thieves (and what she meant was Cassim was trapped by his own greedy ambitions rather than an actual prisoner), she also showed the forty thieves the way to Vanishing Isle when all Cassim asked was where the Hand of Midas was.



The Oracle's history is a complete mystery or how she came to be sealed within the staff. What is known is that the she eventually came under the ownership of an individual who was invited to Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding and who then gave to them The Oracle's Scythe as a wedding present. The King of Thieves would later become aware of this and so planned an attack on the wedding in order to steal the staff that contained the Oracle.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves[]

On the day of Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding, the King of Thieves made his move and raided the wedding with his Forty Thieves in order to finally obtain the Oracle. However his efforts were thwarted by Aladdin and fled. But Aladdin would then discover the Oracle within the staff and asked her about the whereabouts of his father Cassim, leading him on a new adventure to reunite with him.

Other Appearances[]

Aladdin Books[]

The Oracle appeared in the storybook adaptation of Aladdin and the King of Thieves fulfilling the same role as in the film, however here she is depicted with a more varied color scheme and human skin color.

Once Upon a Time[]

The Oracle makes a live-action appearance in the television series One Upon a Time in the episode "The Savior" where she acted as Aladdin's caretaker during his time of weakness. She was portrayed by Jordyn Ashley Olson.


Concept Art[]

Behind the Scenes[]

The Oracle was at one point in the film's production intended to be a human simply named "The Sorceress" who still aided Aladdin in finding his father. Her final design remained mostly the same as her original design, however she originally wore a veil that covered her eyes and nose.


  • In the film, it is implied that there are other oracles, making them seem somewhat similar to genies in that they're supernatural beings bound to an object who must obey whoever releases them, with the main difference being that oracles answer questions while genies grant wishes.
  • Her genie-like nature and ghostly appearance bare similarity to the Hatif, a type of ghostly genie that could answer questions, offer advice and guidance.
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