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The Pharaoh's Curse
Aladdin Vol 1 2
Publication date September, 1994
Published by Marvel Comics
Publication Order
Preceded by
Aladdin's Quest
Followed by
Sword of Aladdin

The Pharaoh's Curse was the second issue of Marvel Comics' Aladdin, which ran for 11 issues.


Aladdin is cursed by an ancient Egyptian treasure unwillingly created by none other than Genie! Can Aladdin undo the curse and survive against the Sphinx?


Long ago in ancient Egypt, Genie once served a greedy and evil pharaoh named Rama Tut Tut who ordered Genie to create for him a vast treasure and to place a curse upon his Ankh so that any who steal it would begin to rapidly age until the Ankh is returned.

Thousands of years later, the Ankh was stolen by Faya, the greatest thief in Egypt who initially ignored the warnings of the curse and journeyed to Agrabah to sale her stolen wears, but she soon realized that the curse was real as she began to age dramatically after several days. She then tried to return to Egypt only to have Abu steal the Ankh from her, cursing them both, and later Aladdin as well. Aladdin then promised to return the Ankh before they perished. With Abu and the Magic Carpet's great speed Aladdin quickly arrived at the Sphinx in Egypt, but upon trying to enter it, it came to life and forced Aladdin and Abu to answer his riddles in exchange for entry, and should they fail they would perish. Luckily both were able to solve the Sphinx's riddles and were able to get passed the tomb's many traps thanks to Carpet. Once they reached the tomb itself, they were shocked to discover Rama Tut Tut had now become an undead mummy, forever a slave to his own treasure till the end of time, a fate which Aladdin considered to be a greater curse. Aladdin then put the Ankh back where it belonged, freeing himself, Abu and Faya from the curse once and for all.



  • On the cover the Sphinx resembles its appearance from the film, but in the story itself the Sphinx has a nose and a gray color-scheme.