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The Shadow Knows
Season 3, Episode 7
Ep 85
Air date November 18, 1995
Written by Mark Seidenberg
Directed by Alan Zaslove
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Episode 84: The Ethereal
Episode 86: The Great Rift


Ayam Aghoul plans to take the shadows of Aladdin and his friends with his own shadow to the nether realm, much to the disapproval of the caretaker Farabu, whom he captures. The Ayam shadow succeeds in taking Aladdin and his friends' shadows. Aladdin and Genie head to the shadow world to seek Farabu's help, only to run into the living Ayam. The Sultan's shadow is taken, but Jasmine and her friends go to the shadow world while Aladdin tricks Ayam into freeing Farabu. Ayam is banished to the nether realm and everyone's shadows return to them.


At a landscape of green hills called the Shadow World, a woman-shaped hole named Pharabu makes her children go back to where they came from. Ayam Aghoul appears with his shadow. He tells Pharabu that because his spell got banished, he can no longer go to the living world. So he sends his shadow to capture the shadows of Aladdin and his friends.

Pharabu tells Ayam that if her children do not return to the living beings, they will all fade away and perish. Ayam tells her that her children will be his at the Netherworld. He then shoots magic at the silhouette, trapping her into a giant spider web.

Aladdin, Abu, Iago, and Carpet are walking along a street in the marketplace. Aladdin tells them that the reason they got up so early is that Shahib is getting a new shipment of spices and he wants to make sure he gets some for Jasmine's breakfast. As he and the others walk away, Ayam's shadow takes Aladdin's shadow. Aghoul's shadow makes Aladdin's shadow take Aladdin's friends' shadows. Aladdin's shadow goes to Jasmine's room to get the princess' shadow. Jasmine sees him and tries to avoid him. The guards get in the room and try to stop Aladdin's shadow. Jasmine grabs him, but he melts into a puddle and slides away.

Back at the marketplace, Shahib gives Aladdin the new spices. Jasmine shows up and tells the street rat that his shadow tried to attack her. Genie shows up and Aladdin talks to him about Jasmine thinking that his shadow attacked her. Everyone then sees that Jasmine and Genie's shadows are on the wall but Aladdin's is not. Aladdin's shadow shows up and tries to take Jasmine's shadow again. Aladdin gets Jasmine out of the way and his shadow starts running. Everyone chases him. Genie sucks Aladdin's shadow up in a vacuum.

The gang then runs into Ayam's shadow, who tells them that Ayam sent him to Agrabah to capture their shadows since he can no longer go to the living world. Aghoul's shadow shoots shadow spider webs at the gang, who quickly run and hide in an alley. Genie tells Aladdin that if his shadow is unattached for over a day, it'll fade away and so will he. Ayam's shadow finds the gang and takes Jasmine's shadow, who frees Aladdin's shadow and they both run away with the gang chasing them. Ayam's shadow later goes to them and removes Genie, Abu, Iago, and Carpet's shadows. The shadows all run away.

At the palace garden, Genie talks to everyone about the Shadow World being guarded by Pharabu. Aladdin suggests that he and Genie go to the Shadow World and have Pharabu help them. When they get there, they find Pharabu, still trapped into the spider web. Genie tries to free the silhouette woman but fails. Pharabu tells them that she has no powers when she's trapped on the spider web and if Ayam's shadow gets more shadow, The Shadow World and Agrabah will fade away and only the Netherworld will remain. Ayam appears and throws exploding skulls at Aladdin and Genie.

Meanwhile, Ayam's shadow and the gang's shadows are about to get the Sultan's shadow. After doing so, they go back to the Shadow World, with Jasmine and the others going after them. Ayam and the shadows now surround the web Pharabu is trapped on. When Jasmine shows up, the gang's shadows combine into one, in the form of a wolf. Aladdin and Genie appear and Ayam starts throwing exploding skulls at them again. Aghoul then creates an extra large skull and throws it at Aladdin and Genie, who dodge and it explodes in front of Pharabu, destroying the web. The silhouette woman makes Ayam's shadow disappear.

A portal of the Netherworld appears and it sucks Ayam into it.The wolf disappears and the gang and the Sultan get their shadows back. Pharabu tells the gang that now that they have their shadows back, they can have a good night sleep.

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ayam Aghoul's Shadow

Aladdin Shadow

Jasmine Shadow

Genie Shadow

Iago Shadow

Carpet Shadow

Abu Shadow

Sultan Shadow

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