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The Sultan's father was the previous Sultan of Agrabah during his son's youth.


The previous Sultan taught his son "Little Bobo" many things required to be a Sultan. Among them was the meaning of humility which would be his most important lesson. When his young son laughed at a poor boy in rags, the Sultan punished Little Bobo by forcing him to stay in a lowly little chamber with only the simplest of necessities one day a week for a whole year. This taught Little Bobo the meaning of humility by understanding how the commoners lived and how to best serve his people. This experience would also forge his interest in little knickknacks and small toys.

The previous Sultan also told his son the dark history of their family, that of Kileem the invincible tyrant Sultan who ruled Agrabah with an iron fist. He told his son that Kileem's armor would grant him great strength when needed, but it carried a curse that would bring untold misery, and thus warned him to never wear the cursed suit. ("Armored and Dangerous")