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The Sultana was the mother of Jasmine and the ruler of Agrabah alongside her husband the Sultan, prior to her passing.


She looks very much like Jasmine, understandably so since she is her mother. She wore her long hair in a curled bun and a headpiece with a blue stone in the middle. She wore gold necklace and earrings just like Jasmine (which implies they were inherited by her mother) and a purple sleeveless dress.


Since she has died prior to the series, not much is known of her personality. However, she appears to have been a patient, kind loving woman as both the sultan and Jasmine still remember and love her dearly. She is also mentioned as being an artist.


She is briefly mentioned in the film when Sultan says how Jasmine's mother was not as picky finding a suitor. She is mentioned briefly throughout the series where sultan grabs a rose for his new bride in "Garden of Evil" and Jasmine mentions in "Shadow of a Doubt" how it has been a while since her father saw another woman.

She is also mentioned in Peacock Princess having tamed a wild horse named Sahara who refuses for anyone else to tame him until Jasmine comes. Not even the Sultan could tame him after her death, but he was allowed to feed him apples.

She appears in the Tales of Agrabah book where Jasmine still thinks of her when looking at the night sky and in Jasmine's Royal Wedding where Jasmine reads a letter from her mother that she was not supposed to open until her wedding where she hopes Jasmine has found her happiness.


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