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Aladdin: There's a party here in Agrabah And the party's all for me Just look, you guys, at where we are, And how our dreams have come to be!

Jasmine: There's a party here in Agrabah And I can't believe it's true After all this waiting, here we are We'll finally get so say "I do!"

Aladdin: I never, ever had a real family

Jasmine: I never, ever had a real true friend

Both: Someone who could just understand me...

Iago: Hey, c'mon, Aladdin, this mush has gotta end!

Genie: There's a party here in Agrabah And it's starting right away Let's getcha dressed, 'cause you're the star! Hey, c'mon, it's your wedding day!

Crowd: Aladdin's gettin' married, and it's gonna be The wedding of the century Amazing how Aladdin could've come so far...

Genie: They're finally gettin' married!

Sultan They're finally gettin' married!

Thieves: They're finally gettin' married!

Iago: Look at all these presents!

Jasmine: We're finally getting married!

Abu: [squeaks] You're finally gettin' married!

Aladdin: I'm finally gettin' married!

Crowd: They're finally gettin' married At the party in Agrabah!! [background (mumbling)] Such a sight to see Come on, go with me To the party in Agrabah!