Thirdacks (also known as Magic Eaters) are strange shelled animals from another world, a world where magic flows like water, making it the thirdack's primary food source.


The Thirdack is a quadrupedal beast with a segmented armadillo-style armor on its back, hoofed feet, a single eye on its head and a mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth as well as a tubular tongue. It produces howling vocalizations and is capable of extending its eye like a snail, turning it into an eyestalk. It can also walk on walls and ceilings and hang upside down with its prehensile tail, like an opossum.


Thirdacks are hostile towards anything made of magic, seeing it only as food. They are not prone to attacking non-magical entities and only intense hunger can drive them to aggression, becoming savage hunters desperate to eat, otherwise they will die without magic. As such they normally seem like passive animals simply trying to survive. If completely cut off from magic and imprisoned, they will whimper miserably as if begging, making their behavior akin to that of a wild dog or wolf.


It is a magic eater and can scale walls and is very strong and determined, along with a good tracker. If a special magic ring is placed around its neck (or head) it will neutralize the Thirdack and keep it under a person's control.



Thirdacks lived undisturbed in their own world where they fed off the magic that flowed like rivers. But one day, the evil sorcerer Mozenrath created a portal to this world after discovering a tapestry containing information on the legendary Thirdacks, and hoped to capture one and use it to destroy any magical opposition. He then extracted a lone Thirdack which proved beyond his control and it began rampaging in his palace.

The Citadel

With Mozenrath being powerless against the creature due to that it could eat away at his own magic, he forcefully enlisted the help of Aladdin to capture the beast, using his Genie as bait to motivate him. Due to his own magical nature, Genie would not survive long. Aladdin eventually succeeded in capturing the Thirdack but soon realized that the creature was miserable and simply wanted to go home. Aladdin then battled Mozenrath and won, forcing him to reopen the portal and allowing the Thirdack to return home.


  • A being who lives off the consumption of magic as their only diet is known as a Thaumavore.

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