Full name

Thundra the Rainbird






Guardian of the rain forest and Iago's girlfriend




Her boyfriend Iago, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Carpet, Abu


Malcho, Mechanicles


Iago, rainbows, her abilities to control the weather, and clouds


Iago's conniving ways, threats to her home, and friends

Voiced by

Candi Milo


Fowl Weather
Rain of Terror
The Love Bug

Thundra is the ruler of her own rain forest which is where all of the rain of the world comes from.


She is a large green rain forest bird with the colors of the rainbow as part of her tail due to the amulet she wears which grants her rain forest power which she took away from Malcho since he abused his powers. She wears a large green feather headdress with a yellow headpiece adorned. She also wears a matching yellow tailpiece to match. He wears blue earrings.


She takes her job very seriously and while she speaks fluent English she likes to pepper her sentences with her Spanish accent and Spanish words. She is feisty and hardworking, but also a romantic who despite her busy schedule and loyalty to her duties enjoys her romantic relationship with Iago. She has a short temper but is caring and friendly.


Fowl Weather

Rain of Terror

The Love Bug


Through the use of her amulet, she can manipulate the weather. She controls an army of clouds that spread rain throughout the world.



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