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The Twin Ambassadors were the representatives of an unknown kingdom within the Seven Deserts that demanded regular payments from Agrabah.



They are familiar with The Sultan of Agrabah, having dealt with him in the past and considered him a very wise leader who knew how to meet their demands.

Riders Redux[]

While the Sultan was away on a diplomatic mission, he left Jasmine in charge of running Agrabah. However during her brief period on the throne, the Twin Ambassadors had come to Agrabah expecting their usual payment and were less than pleased by the presence of the inexperienced princess.


  • They may be based on real life ambassadors sent by the historical Caliphs of Baghdad, as the Caliphs did go to war with kingdoms that were less than prompt with delivering the demanded tithe for Islamic services, and only those of such a status could order around a Sultan (or in this case Jasmine) while offering little return.
    • This can be considered a bit ironic as Agrabah was originally going to be Baghdad during the early conception of the first film.