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Two to Tangle
Season 3, Episode 5
Ep 83
Air date October 21,1995
Written by Mark Seidenberg
Directed by Alan Zaslove
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As Mozenrath is dying from the side effects of his magical gauntlet, he plans to switch bodies with Aladdin to prolong his life and captures him. However, due to the interference of Aladdin's friends, both Aladdin and Mozenrath's spirits are sharing the same body. As the group heads off to find the Elixir of Life to reverse the spell, Mozenrath plans to take the elixir to keep Aladdin's body for himself and it's up to Aladdin's spirit to prevent this from happening.


When Mozenrath finds out that he's about to die, he kidnaps Aladdin so he can switch bodies with him. Aladdin's friends storm into the lab and interrupt the exchange and free Aladdin.

The group and Xerxes see Mozenrath as a stone figurine. They leave with the figurine and Mozenrath's gauntlet with Xerxes having a feeling that something is wrong. At the palace, Aladdin starts acting strange. He believes that it's because he just needs a rest as Jasmine says. Genie puts Mozenrath's gauntlet and the Mozenrath figurine in a trunk and everyone goes to sleep. But then, in the middle of the night, everyone sees Aladdin opening the trunk and putting the gauntlet in his right hand.

It turns out Mozenrath is in Aladdin's body. Aladdin and Mozenrath agree that they have to reverse the spell. They have to use the Elixir of Life. The group flies off to a temple where the Elixir of Life should be. When they get there, they run into a group of worms guarding the cup of elixir. After getting rid of the worms, Aladdin is about to drink the elixir, but then his hand starts shaking and Mozenrath tells him that once they drink it, he will be in Aladdin's body and Aladdin will be in his body. Then Aladdin freezes and inside his body, he begins fighting Mozenrath.

Mozenrath at first seems to be winning, but Aladdin soon finds that his spirit has its own magical power. After a small battle, Aladdin drives Mozenrath's spirit away. After waking up, Aladdin drinks the elixir and Mozenrath leaves his body. He and Xerxes end up in a cage with the group having his gauntlet, telling him that it's bad for his health. Genie puts balloons on the cage and it flies off.

Then the worms return for the cup and Aladdin puts it back in its place. The group leaves while the cup fills up with liquid potion.

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