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The Unkbuut are giant supposedly man-eating spiders led by a queen straight out of the fairy tales that frightened Aladdin as a child. They appeared in the Aladdin episode; "Web of Fear" .


They are rather unusual creatures resembling spiders and even being capable of making webbing, however they also posses insect characteristics, such as carapaces and wings, and they are strictly herbivorous, eating only potatoes to survive. They carry cocoons on their backs which were mistaken to hold hostages when it only held potatoes and crops the Unkbuut farmed.

Behavior and Society[]

They are caring, friendly, good-natured creatures. They are very intelligent almost to a human level degree, understanding human speech and when they discovered that they were the cause of the earthquake, they were quick to offer their help. They are also farmers and vegetarians, being skilled at growing and cultivating potatoes. They are even skilled miners, building a complex city-like tunnel system with caves and spiderwebs serving as their homes and nests. They take great care of their young and are just as compassionate towards the young of other species.


The Unkbuut were burrowing underground Agrabah, not realizing the land was weak and brittle, creating an accidental earthquake/cave in as a result. Aladdin and his friends were helping people evacuate but Aladdin came across one of the Unkbuut and fainted. Later, the Unkbuut queen kidnaps Jasmine to show her they are actually peaceful. Aladdin and his friends go underground with Genie disguised as one to follow them only to discover Jasmine fine and telling them the Unkbuut are peaceful creatures. Meanwhile, Farouk leads a mob with torches to kill the Unkbuut but through their haste they accidentally burn a crater, with a child in the middle. The Unkbuut queen helps Aladdin rescue the boy and everyone realizes the Unkbuut are friendly. The Unkbuut then help repair the city, with the boy asking his mother to tell him a happy story of the Unkbuut.


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