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Upanistan is a peaceful kingdom within the Seven Deserts ruled by the fair-hearted body of Caliph Kapok.


It is said to be the most peaceful and compassionate kingdom of the Seven Deserts and a visit from its Caliph is considered one of the greatest of honors any other kingdom can know.


Upanistan is a caliphate, as such it is ruled by a caliph, a religious leader, as such a caliph is revered even more than sultans. Upanistan is ruled with a gentle and caring hand of benevolence and its people only know peace and happiness. Its peace is due to its leader Caliph Kapok, or to be precise, the headless body of Caliph Kapok, a sorcerer who lacks much in intelligence, but thinks only with compassion and fairness, ruling his people with benevolence and protecting them with his vast magical powers. The head of the Caliph Kapok though is an emotionless and uncaring being who thinks only in hard logic and absolute efficiency, seeking to purge useless elements that serve no useful or intellectual purpose from his people, such as music or casual merriment, doing so by enforcing his laws with an iron fist while forcing his subjects to focus on mental pursuits alone and abandon emotional or "time-wasting" past-times or else endure harsh punishment, such as hard labor or time in the dungeon, or both.

The Caliph had magically severed his head from his body so he could rule more efficiently without need of emotions or physical wants, however his body still held his compassionate heart and soul, as well as his vast powers, and so sealed his head away for the sake of his people. Ruling with a fair-heart ever since.

Law Enforcement[]

Upanistan's laws are very lax, kind and fair under Caliph Kapok's body, but under his head they were strict, emotionless and cruel, with the simple act of playing music being considered a tremendous offense worthy of intense punishment. The realm is protected by the Upanistan Royal Guards who faithfully serve Caliph Kapok's body, but must also obey the head of Kapok should it reattach itself to the body, otherwise they prefer to serve the body due to his kind nature.

Places of Interest[]

  • Caliph Kapok's Palace
  • Upanistan Forest

Known Inhabitants[]


Heads, You Lose[]

Aladdin and his friends traveled to Upanistan after being deceived by Kapok's head into returning him to his body, making them believe that his body was his evil half that needed subduing. Upon doing so, the people of Upanistan became miserable once more under Kapok's reign and who then threatened to destroy Aladdin and his friends should they challenge him again, even detaching Aladdin's head much like himself to teach him the joys of pure unfeeling logic. This naturally did not deter the heroes who later returned to challenge Kapok once more and using his own magic against him, they were able to separate his head and his body once more, restoring peace to Upanistan with the body as its ruler and the head as his prisoner.


  • Upanistan seems to be a fictionalized version of Uzbekistan and Istanbul, with the Caliph's Palace even being based on the Sultan Ahmed Blue Mosque in Istanbul.