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Very Ankh-Amman

Wizard Pharaoh Ankh-Amman

Very Ankh-Amman is a character in the game Disney's MathQuest With Aladdin. He is voiced by Corey Burton.


During his life, Very Ankh-Amman was an Egyptian Pharaoh and also a wizard, who desired more power. He journeyed to Dragon Island, where, after defeating the dragons, came upon an ancient silver lamp. He hoped that the lamp would contain a genie, and that he could wish for unlimited power. But the genie, whose name was Bizarrah, turned out to be evil, and would use every command Ankh-Amman gave her as a means of wreaking havoc. Realizing he must do something, Ankh-Amman built a magical floating pyramid and imprisoned Bizarrah by hiding her lamp deep within the pyramid, putting many defenses in place so that no one would be able to find her.

Ankh-Amman also operated a laboratory in Agrabah, inside of which was a crystal vortex. The magic keys to the pyramid were kept in the lab. After Very Ankh-Amman died the lab was closed and boarded up. His corpse was interred in the tomb of the pyramid.

Role in the game[]

Ankh-Amman was deceased by the time the events of MathQuest took place. Nonetheless, his spirit appeared to Genie and Iago and assisted them on several occasions.

After it was learned that Bizarrah had escaped her lamp and had imprisoned Aladdin in the vortex inside the lab, Ankh-Amman guided them through the process of opening the vortex by using the right combination of colored crystals so that they could rescue Aladdin.

Later on, it is revealed that Bizarrah had broken her lamp into three pieces to insure she would not be imprisoned again, and hid the pieces in various locations. After recovering the first two pieces, Genie and Iago made their way to the Floating Pyramid to retrieve the third piece. Ankh-Amman warned them that once they entered the pyramid there was no turning back, and to abandon all hope of every returning from within. It is here that Ankh-Amman reveals the story of how he first came upon Bizarrah, and how he built the Pyramid to imprison her. He is all too happy to assist in the process of re-imprisoning Bizarrah. Eventually, the lamp is repaired, and Bizarrah is re-imprisoned in the lamp, restoring peace.


  • It is interesting to note that Very Ankh-Amman has several traits in common with Jafar. Both held positions of high authority (Ankh-Amman being a pharaoh and Jafar being the Grand Vizier of Agrabah), both were also magicians (Ankh-Amman being a wizard and Jafar being a sorcerer), and both had a desire for power. They even speak in a similar manner. However, unlike Jafar, Ankh-Amman does not appear to be evil, as he built the Floating Pyramid as a means of imprisoning Bizarrah, and after she escapes he assists in her re-capture. It is unknown if Ankh-Amman was always good, or if he originally was an evil, power-hungry wizard but was reformed after his encounter with Bizarrah.
  • At the Magic Carnival, if the player clicks on the picture to the right of the Missing Numbers game, Very Ankh-Amman will appear and give the player a rather ominous message about their quest.
  • Very Ankh-Amman's name is a pun on "very uncommon".
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