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Wadi Yathouin is a scout for the Thieves Guild who keeps watch over the Thieves Quarter of Agrabah for new talent to recruit while also ensuring that non-guild thieves and beggars don't commit crimes in Agrabah without a proper permit from the Thieves Guild.


Like most thieves, he is an intimidating figure who will take what he wants if need be and does not take kindly to beggars, and will remove them with extreme prejudice. However when he spots fellow thieves, he is eager to recruit them into the guild so long as they pay the entry fee of 50 dinar. He will give new recruits a 30 day limit to obtain money for the permit, otherwise they will be dealt with accordingly for operating without a permit.


Do the Rat Thing[]

When Jasmine and Iago were exploring the Thieves Quarters in order for Jasmine to understand Aladdin's old way of life, Wadi appeared to steal Iago from her but then confronted Jasmine, believing her to be a lowly beggar and warning her that beggars were not welcome in the territory of thieves. To be spared his wrath, Jasmine decided to prove herself to him by stealing something while in the process also learning how Aladdin made his living. After stealing a mirror from Fasir, Wadi was satisfied and recognized her as a thief, then offering her a friendly invitation to the Thieves Guild, which she had only 30 days to pay-up or face the consequences.


  • Wadi's name is of Arabic origin and means valley. However his full name is a pun on "whattayadoin".