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He is a girl with and has shaggy hair with prominent bangs in the front and tanned skin. He wears a plain white shirt with long sleeves that are torn at the cuffs and a brown light jacket. He wears baggy brown pants and walks barefoot.


Initially, Wahid was a rebellious youth whose status as an orphan forced him to steal for food, though he didn't seem to mind and even enjoyed making fools of the royal guards.He hated authority and disregarded Aladdin's advice that stealing and doing bad would only get him in trouble. He even wanted to become something bigger, but through dishonest means which included being part of Mirage's El Khatib. However, through Aladdin's influence, he grew to realize the error of his ways and now idolizes Aladdin as his hero and strives to be just like him, though tends to be reckless and impuslive. During his attempt to be a hero, he mistook an innocent bystander as a thief when in reality he was helping the woman Wahid thought he stole from. He is remorseful of his actions and has shown to be very brave. Someday, he may grow to be a hero like Aladdin with time and training.


The Lost Ones[]

He steals a loaf of bread and is chased by the Royal Guards but narrowly escapes them. Aladdin warns him that doing these kinds of things will get him in trouble but Wahid refuses to listen, saying he will grow up to be better than a street rat through dishonest means. This reminds Aladdin of his old friend Amal who went missing. Later, Wahid goes missing and Aladdin decides to find out who kidnapped him, and learns it is the work of the El Khatib who work for Mirage. As it turns out, she kidnaps lost children with evil in their hearts and turns them into El Khatib and she does so to Wahid. At first Wahid enjoys it but quickly disobeys Mirage and wants to be free. Mirage reveals he will die if he doesn't join her and become a full El Khatib, much to his horror. Aladdin rescues him by pretending to trade his life for Wahid's and tricks Mirage. She orders Amal, Aladdin's old friend who was turned into El Khatib, to kill Aladdin but Amal refuses as Aladdin was his friend. Disgusted by their friendship and his betrayal, she leaves them all to die, as the El Khatib can't survive at daytime. However, both Wahid and Amal survive, with Wahid back to normal and Amal regaining a part of his humanity. They realize the El Khatib were born from the evil in their hearts and since Wahid didn't want to be evil, he was turned back to normal and since Amal didn't kill Aladdin because he was his friend, his kindness allowed him a chance to regain his humanity.

A Clockwork Hero[]

He goes to the Thieves' Guild to try and arrest them all, but they laugh in his face and try to kill him. Aladdin saves him and warns Wahid not to mess around with him. Wahid explains he wants to be a hero like Aladdin but Aladdin says he is still too young and he shouldn't get into trouble, causing a disenheartened Wahid to walk home.

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